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East High School

5011 Mayhew Ave.

Sioux City, IA


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2001 Casselman St.

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North High School

4200 Cheyenne Blvd.

Sioux City, IA


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Siouxland Aquatics

P.O. Box 2693

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Welcome to Siouxland Aquatics


By enrolling your child in swim lessons, you are affording him or her the opportunity to develop skills he or she will utilize for a lifetime. Your commitment to your child's ongoing instruction will award him or her a lifetime of water safety and enjoyment!


Our aim is not to produce a champion, but to provide an atmosphere where champions are inevitable. Swimming, however, is a means to an end – it builds self-confidence, self-discipline, integrity and courage for life.



Programs We Offer:


Please take a moment to review the following information on the programs we have to offer:


Big Splash Program (Click for more information.)

• Parent-Tot Classes

• Preschool Level Classes

• School Age (Beginner – Advanced Stroke Proficiency)

• Competitive Stroke Courses (eight levels)

• Synchronized Swimming

• Youth Swim to Fitness

More Programs

Amanda (age 4) goes for the ring and waves to the camera.

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